World Club Cup 2007


Posted Tue Jul 24, 2007 - 07:59 AM


The whole idea of the WCC is as follows:

There are 2 divisions. The Primier devision and Division 2. This works just like the FA league, Italian seri league, etc. 2 teams will be relegated and 2 teams will be promoted by the end of this season, the next season will start next March.

Each team will play each other a few times, and there will be playoffs for the top 4 teams in the D2, as well as the top 4 in the primier group. the D2 playoffs will determine the 2 teams moving up, so even if youre 10 points over the second place team, you still may not be promoted!!! the points system is the same as in real life, 3 for winning, 1 for draws, and 0 for losses., the bottom 2 in the primeir do not have playoffs, they just have to soak in their tears for a while till the next season comes around.

all teams are open (except for chelsea, my team) and if we have more ppl that want to join then we have teams, I WILL ADD MORE!!! if there is an odd number of teams, then one team each week will get a bye week like in the pathetic american football.... (haha, and i am american :D)

games are set up by weeks, which gives you 7 days to play youre opponent, since we all know not everyone is on at the same time all the time...

the season starts August 20, so i need submissions in by August 18. please contact me at one of the following:

AIM: Shaw3028


EA Username: InfamousXI

if we do not have enough players, then the season will be postponed for 2 weeks each time until we have enough players, so if you dont wanna wait, give me a hand....

and now for everyones favorite part... THE RULES!!!!

1) no midfield goals, its a cheap way to score and pathetic since the GKs are usually far out of the goal a lot anyways... if this happens, make sure you remember it and take off that goal. so if you won the game 3-2, and you scored a midfield shot, then the game ends in a draw. BUT, in order to ensure nobody is lying just cause they lost and desperately WANT points, then you must have proof of the incident (either video proof from either a camera or recorded from a video card, or BOTH players tell me it happened), but if you play me and i see it, then thats all the proof i need.

2) ABSOLUTELY NO THREATS OR CONSTANTLY CURSING SOMEONE OUT!!! this will not be tolerated and will get you a -4pt penalty. harsh? no.

3) games must be unranked and 6 minute halves. No golden/silver goals or penalty shootouts unless in playoffs

4) DO NOT use your team during friendly matches, since some ppl try to screw you over and if they win they record it, otherwise they leave it unrecorded till they win.

5) have fun.. this is just meant to be a fun thing and nothing overly competitive, i have a group that gets together right down the street from where i live that does tournaments and soon may be doing something like this, so enjoy!

if a game disconnects, then both players will have to agree with how much time to have left in the game and continue on from there.

also, if i catch anyone lying about a score, that is an instant -2pt penalty. and trust me, i have many ways of knowing when someone is bullshitting the score.

please talk to me before registering, if the team you want is unavailable then it just wastes time..

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